Kim Wood Sandusky Q&A During Getty Music Worship Conference – Sing! 18

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Today was awesome speaking at the Keith & Kristyn Getty Music Worship Conference – Sing! 18 at the Music City Center in Nashville!

I was asked some very insightful questions about the voice that I wanted to share:

“How can I stop running out of breath and breathe better when I sing?”
Breathing is natural to our bodies. When you speak you are using breath just as you do when you sing. The difference is singing is more sustained and requires more air for a length of time. The best way to build breathing stamina is to use my technique daily to build the air stamina and to rehearse songs daily to build your endurance. It takes time but you will succeed.

“Can the vocal range be increased?”
Yes the vocal range can be increased through technique and daily work. I suggest you start going a half step up and down on your range for a couple months then move up and down same as before until you reach a comfortable range of increase. It is best you do this with professional guidance.

“Nerves! How can I control my nerves when I sing?”
First all, if you are totally prepared with your performance it will help your nervousness. Most Singers wait until the last minute to prepare their music for a performance which lends to insecurities and lack of confidence. In my experience Singers who are prepared are confident and the performance is smooth. There will always be a bit of nerves but I have never met an Artist who did not experience a bit. The key is to keep it minimal with being prepared.

Thank you to all those in attendance at the conference!

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