Kim's Endorsements

“It has been a tremendous honor and blessing to work with some of the worlds’ greatest talent. I am constantly amazed with the artistic creation I witness in my coaching sessions. I want to share the following testimonials that were written by a few of my clients.” Kim Wood Sandusky

  • “Kim knows exactly what you need to get the results you need. Her technique has helped me tremendously. Before you realize, the high notes are floating out of your mouth with no problem, your range has increased and you have better breath control.”

    Beyonce Knowles- Sony Music
  • “I’ve worked with Kim, and after the first session, I was amazed. Her technique really works and is very easy to remember. Every session, I feel my voice getting stronger. I’ve noticed a big difference on tour with my voice stamina being stronger.”

    Kelly Rowland- Sony Music
  • “Kim is a great Coach! She has helped me more than anyone I’ve worked with. I’ve found more notes than I ever knew I had. Her technique really works.”

    Tom Keifer (Cinderella)- Sony Music
  • “Kim is the first person I’ve taken professional voice lessons from, and after one lesson I could tell a difference. She is amazing and I absolutely love working with her.”

    Lauren Alaina- Interscope / Mercury / Universal / 19 Recordings
  • “After years of singing, I realized after working with Kim I really didn’t know how to sing. She’s helped me so much in understanding my true voice.”

    Jeremy CampCapitol Records
  • “Kim helped me find the rhythm in my voice and that has truly led me to new levels of singing and performing. She allows me to stay exactly who I am artistically and is still able to strengthen me correctly.”

    Haley GeorgiaUniversal Music
  • “My voice has never felt or sounded so good thanks to Kim’s brilliant technique and encouragement. She is a joy to work with.”

    Francesca Battistelli- Word / Warner Bros
  • “Kim is a great coach who understands the Artist.”

    Pam TillisArista Records / Setllar Car Records
  • “Kim is the vocal coach Jedi. In about five minutes into my 1st session she had solved a great part of my singing troubles. I don’t recommend Kim to my singing friends, I demand her!”

    Dave Barnes- Razor & Tie Records
  • “Kim Wood Sandusky has helped nourish my vocal cords to health. Her techniques brought my vocal range and stamina to the next level, equipping me for the intensity of shows night after night. I’m so thankful not only for her incredible skill, but also for her kind heart and friendly spirit that make each session so enjoyable!”

    Lauren DaigleCentricity Records
  • “Kim is unlike anyone I have ever met. She has the uncanny ability to pull things out of you vocally, rhythmically, and stylistically that you would have never thought possible. She has changed my life!”

    Mark Schultz- Word / Warner Bros
  • “Kim has definitely been a blessing. Her vocal techniques have helped me so much. I’ve never worked with a professional vocal consultant. I see a big difference in my voice. Notes that I couldn’t reach in my full voice I can now reach them. I love Kim and highly recommend her to anyone that wants to make their voice better.”

    Michelle Williams- Sony Music
  • “Ms. Sandusky is like the remedy for the Vocal Crusties!”

    Toby Mac- EMI Music
  • “I wasn’t sure if there was another level I could take my singing voice to, and if there was, I didn’t know how to get there. Kim Sandusky showed me how in just ONE meeting! Thanks so much Kim!!!”

    Jason Jones- Warner Bros. Nashville
  • “Kim is an angel and an awesome vocal coach! When I first started taking from her, I had a hard time singing because my vocal cords were covered in nodules. But with her vocal expertise she taught me how to work around/with them and strengthen my voice.”

    Carolyn Myers (Pure NRG)- Word / Warner Bros.
  • “Kim is the ‘Beyoncé of coaching. Her amazing vocal technique has brought power and strength to my voice. What do you get when you’re given an amazing vocal technique, exercises and support to improve your voice… A wonderful outcome, thanks to Kim Wood Sandusky.”

    Caroline Williams (Pure NRG)- Word / Warner Bros.
  • “Kim found the diamond in the rough in my voice!!! She polished it up and brought out my natural sound!!!”

    Lizzy McAvoy- Universal Music
  • “I love working with Kim. She has taught me so much, and is helping me grow vocally as an artists.”

    Mallary Hope- MCA Records
  • “Kim has made such a tremendous difference in my voice. My vocal stamina, strength & range is so much better because of the work I’ve done with Kim. She is a jewel and I love working with her.”

    Amber Hayes- Conway Twitty Musical Tour
  • “Kim has grown my voice from a tiny bubble to a large explosion of beautiful air.”

    Shawn McDonald- EMI / Sparrow
  • Kim is awesome! She has taken my singing to a whole new level!

    Nathan Piche – “Article One”- INPOP
  • “With a bubbly personality and aggressive coaching abilities. Kim helped strengthen my voice and took my vocals to the next level.”

    Sarah Reeves- EMI / Sparrow
  • “If Kim were a heart surgeon I would want her working on my heart; She is great at diagnosing what is going on with my voice and providing the solution.“

    David Zach (Remedy Drive)- Word / Warner Bros.
  • “With her unique technical style and expertise in the music industry, Kim Wood Sandusky has helped to develop not only my voice, but my dream of a career in music! She has opened doors for me that I could never have opened without her. Thank you, Kim!”

    Chelsi Smith Blair- Miss Universe tm 1995 - Sony Music
  • “Missy K is a one of a kind. She works miracles with “jiggles” or riffs and has strengthened my range in an amazing way.”

    Jadyn- Motown Records
  • ”I CAN”T, doesn’t fit into Kim’s technique. She knows my voice better than I do. She’s amazing!”

    Kaci Brown- Interscope
  • “I always considered myself a singer..until I met Kim. What I once knew as my voice has given way to something I used to wish for. She has taken a humble voice, and made it an instrument. Were it not for Kim, I would have never found my true voice.”

    Solomon GreyTeleprompt Records
  • “Kim Wood Sandusky creatively comes up with more progressive ways to keep your voice at its peak performing capability. She is personable and very professional. I would highly recommend her if improving your vocals is your priority!”

    Anthony Evans- EMI Music


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