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Own the stage.

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Perfect every detail of your on-stage show with one of the music industry’s most respected vocal and performance coaches.

From vocal coaching and body language to costuming and choreography, Kim Wood Sandusky helps vocal artists at all levels prepare for the spotlight with confidence.

Kim Wood Sandusky frequently works with artists in Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City, Nashville and other locations around the world.

Whether you’re just taking the stage or need to fine-tune your vocals for the next tour, Kim brings an objective perspective that helps you find – and elevate- the soul of your stage performance.

Performance Coaching with Kim will focus on improving an artist’s vocal style execution, genre specific performance techniques in order to break into the recording industry.

What can you expect from Performance Coaching?

Own the stage, no matter what.

You don’t have to be a natural performer to deliver a stand-out performance. Kim will help you build on your talents, get comfortable on stage, and deliver a flawless, professional show that supports your brand as an artist.

Get a big-picture, objective perspective.

Kim brings her expertise to your entire show, from set list order and costuming to choreography and set design. She’ll give you hands-on guidance as you build your performance skills, and leverage her network of industry professionals to connect you with the best experts in the business.

Be ready for anything.

Stage performance requires resilience. Learn how to perform when you’re under the weather, breathe through challenging choreography, handle wardrobe malfunctions, and more.

Nail the vocals, every time.

Smooth out the details and make sure your vocals stay strong and true from start to finish; fine-tune technical skills like using in-ear and floor monitors, mics, and more.

Performance Coach Nashville TN

“Kim is the vocal coach Jedi. In about five minutes into my 1st session she had solved a great part of my singing troubles. I don’t recommend Kim to my singing friends, I demand her!”

Dave Barnes

Kim Wood Sandusky

Meet Kim Wood Sandusky, the music industry’s premier vocal coach.

Kim Wood Sandusky is widely known as one of the most influential performance coaches in the global music industry, serving as vocal coach, confidante, and advocate to entertainment’s biggest names and brightest undiscovered talent. With an unwavering positive approach and gift for building distinctive vocal brands, Kim helps singers around the world hone their craft, build their skills, and make their voices heard (and noticed).

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“I’ve worked with Kim, and after the first session, I was amazed. Her technique really works and is very easy to remember. Every session, I feel my voice getting stronger. I’ve noticed a big difference on tour with my voice stamina being stronger.”

Kelly Rowland

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