Vocal Coach, Artist Development Services, and Music Production in Nashville, TN

Based in Nashville TN, Kim offers vocal coaching, artist development services, vocal production, and performance coaching to aid the singer in achieving the full vocal potential and vocal health needed for success.

Industry giants Sony, Columbia, Warner Brothers, Hollywood Records, Disney, EMI, MCA, RCA, Motown, and Capitol (just to name a few) have placed their trust in Kim Wood Sandusky to push an Artist’s vocal performance capabilities to their ultimate potential. Whether a singer needs to increase his or her range, build breathing stamina, develop a particular style, richness in tone, middle, and head voice, or is experiencing vocal medical problems, hoarseness or vocal fatigue—Kim has the answer to take care of the Artist with her program “Kim Wood Sandusky Vocal Builder Technique.” Her experience will prove invaluable to the career of the singer. Kim’s method is a component of natural talent enhancement, not an attempt to change or cover up the Artist’s ability.

About Kim

Kim’s Method

is a component of natural talent enhancement, not an attempt to change or cover up the Artist’s ability.

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Vocal Coaching Sessions with Kim Wood Sandusky

Boost your career with on-demand access to one of the world’s most sought-after vocal performance coaches.

What can you expect from Vocal Coaching?

Amplify your unique voice.

Kim’s proven technique identifies your special qualities and builds on them, within your genre, to brand your vocal talent as an artist.

Protect your vocal career.

Learn techniques and exercises that can help you address and avoid the vocal medical issues that can put performing on hold.

Take your career to the next level.

Whether you’re a signed artist or an up-and-coming talent, vocal coaching will help you improve your sound and stamina. Vocal Coaching is made for anyone who is actively pursuing a career in the competitive music industry.

1:1 attention, customized to your needs.

Each session, Kim will assess your progress in real time in order to style your voice and react to your needs.

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“I have worked with Kim since I was 10 years old. She is an expert in her craft and her vocal techniques really work. She improved my vocal range and breath control. Kim Wood Sandusky made me the vocalist I am today."

KG Crown (VCHA)

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