Good Breathing Techniques for Singers

Good Breathing Techniques for Singers

Breathing for singing is a simple process, which makes it hard to achieve for some singers.

We breathe every second of our lives.  I have been asked over and over again by singers,

“Why do I run out of breathing stamina so quickly?”

The answer is simple,
You have not built your breathing stamina.

When you start running or any form of exercise, you are winded in the beginning but eventually you build up stamina to go the distance. Breathing for singers is the same.

The singer needs to build their stamina. You do this by singing.

I have a technique I use with my clients that builds their breathing stamina quickly. I would suggest singing 1-2 songs daily after you have worked your voice with vocal building techniques. Increase the amount of songs by one each week until you are able to reach at least 6-8 songs consecutively in your rehearsal time.

You will begin to achieve breathing stamina. A singer will always feel worked out if they are singing correctly, just like an Olympic runner feels the energy exerted in the run, the singer experiences the same after singing.

I have great workouts for breathing stamina and vocal building on my DVD/CD series that can be purchased on Amazon or on my website.

Enjoy your quest to achieve singing breathing stamina.

Kim Wood Sandusky

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