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Online Vocal, Singing & Voice Lessons

Online Vocal Lessons and Voice Training Program with Kim Wood Sandusky will help you take your voice - and your career - to the next level.

TAP into your unique vocal potential.

Boost your career with on-demand online access to one of the world’s most sought-after vocal and performance coaches.

Online Vocal Lessons

Kim Wood Sandusky’s exclusive online monthly vocal lessons, voice training program, and voice lessons will help you:

  • Increase your range
  • Build breathing stamina
  • Develop your distinctive personal style
  • Master smooth transitions
  • Approach studio and stage challenges like a pro
  • Address (and avoid) vocal medical issues that can put a career on hold
  • Amplify your natural talent!

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Get online vocal lessons and voice training for just $55 a month.

Online Vocal Builder Courses


Best Online Vocal Coaching & Voice Lessons For Women

Kim Wood Sandusky’s Vocal Builder Series – Singing & Vocal Lessons For Women


Best Online Vocal Coaching & Voice Lessons For Men

Kim Wood Sandusky’s Vocal Builder Series – Singing & Vocal Lessons For Men

Start shaping your best voice.

Get top-tier 1:1 online vocal & voice lessons in just a few clicks.

What do you and Beyoncé have in common?

Kim Wood Sandusky’s vocal coaching client roster reads like a star-studded celebrity event: Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child; Tom Keifer of Cinderella, Lauren Alaina, Francesca Battistelli, Toby Mac, Jeremy Camp, Jaci Velasquez, Thompson Square, Mandisa, Dave Barnes, Pam Tillis, countless Broadway artists and many, many more.

Trusted by industry giants and major labels for decades, Kim helps artists reach their full vocal performance potential without masking their natural talent. Kim Wood Sandusky can be your coach, too.

What’s included in my Online Vocal Builder Series subscription?

Practical online vocal techniques from a top vocal performance coach to the stars

New, exclusive content monthly: videos, downloads, and more

Anytime access to all past modules

Master-level voice exercises and skill-building techniques

Training for your vocal range

Priceless Industry insights and insider career coaching

24 Month Online Vocal Lessons Overview:

Who should use the Vocal Builder Series?
Kim developed this program with aspiring performers and professional singers in mind. Vocal Builder is for anyone who wants to improve their singing skills!

When does the Vocal Builder Series start?
Right now! You’ll get your account info and access to your first module within minutes of signing up.

How much does Vocal Builder Series cost?
Coaches at Kim’s level cost hundreds per hour. Vocal Builder brings you the same 1:1 coaching program the pros use for $45 per month. You’ll get a new module each month for as long as your subscription is active.

How do I get the trainings?
Vocal Builder is a web-based monthly subscription service that you access with a password. Each month, you’ll get a new vocal performance coaching session module with videos, tracks, downloads, resources and more. It’s like having a standing appointment each month with Kim, but on your own schedule.

Can I do all of the modules at once?
No, but there’s a good reason. Vocal Builder is a progressive skill program; each module builds on the one before it. You’ll get access to one new module each month, so you can spend time mastering each set of exercises. As long as your subscription is active, you can access all past modules (and bonus resources!) in the Vocal Builder Coaching Library.

Coaching Sessions can cost hundreds per hour.

Coaching sessions can cost hundreds per hour.

Get unlimited guidance from one of the greats, on your schedule, for just $55 a month.

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