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Vocal Coaching Nashville TN

1:1 Vocal Coaching is your opportunity to work with one of the music industry’s most respected and best vocal performance coaches in person. Kim’s vocal coaching approach is equal parts conservation, correction, and character. After opening vocal studios in New York and Los Angeles, Kim chose to put down roots in Nashville, Tennessee. Headquartered in the heart of Nashville’s famous Music Row district, she shares an address with major labels and publishing companies.

Kim Wood Sandusky’s proven Vocal Builder technique and vocal exercises helps singers significantly increase range, build breathing stamina, master smooth transitions, and approach studio and stage challenges like a pro.

Under Kim’s guidance, you’ll learn to brand your voice and create a unique artist identity within your chosen genre. She’ll assess your progress in real time and give tailored individual guidance, with personalized exercises and techniques to help style your talent and take your career to the next level.

Professional Voice & Singing Lessons in Nashville TN

Occasionally, even the most seasoned professional vocalists and professional recording artists can experience physical limitations in the pursuit of their craft. Post-concert hoarseness, fatigue from marathon recording sessions or nodules in the throat can render any voice all but useless.

At times like this, artists and record labels from around the globe call on the expertise of Kim Wood Sandusky. A veteran of the recording industry and one of the best professional vocal coaches, Kim carefully analyzes the voice in question to identify problematic techniques which may have led to these troubles.

Once the problem is identified, Kim will apply the appropriate corrective measures and vocal exercises to regain the artists’ full potential. Improvement is usually noticeable after a week of Kim’s consultations, but most clients will be aware of positive change after only the first session. 

Based in Nashville TN, Kim specializes in all contemporary vocal genres and possesses a strong passion for vocal coaching. 

What can you expect from Vocal Coaching?

Amplify your unique voice.

Kim’s proven technique identifies your special qualities and builds on them, within your genre, to brand your vocal talent as an artist.

Protect your vocal career.

Learn techniques and exercises that can help you address and avoid the vocal medical issues that can put performing on hold.

Take your career to the next level.

Whether you’re a signed artist or an up-and-coming talent, vocal coaching will help you improve your sound and stamina. Vocal Coaching is made for anyone who is actively pursuing a career in the competitive music industry.

1:1 attention, customized to your needs.

Each session, Kim will assess your progress in real time in order to style your voice and react to your needs.

voice training Nashville TN

“Kim knows exactly what you need to get the results you need. Her technique has helped me tremendously. Before you realize, the high notes are floating out of your mouth with no problem, your range has increased and you have better breath control.”

Beyonce Knowles

Vocal CoachING - Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! Kim works with artists all over the world by phone, from full vocal coaching sessions to warm-ups before studio sessions and performances. Touring clients can continue sessions even as they travel. And yes, it’s just as effective as in-person sessions.

Your vocal sessions will be scheduled based on your needs and vocal strength. You might meet more or less often during certain periods of growth in order to preserve and protect your voice.

No. Your first session serves as your evaluation; Kim will evaluate your raw talent, assess your skill, and create a plan based on your needs. All services are paid per session, since frequency can vary widely from client to client.

For in-person sessions, you’ll meet Kim at her office and studio on Music Row in Nashville. She also maintains a private studio in her home for high profile artists who require privacy and security.

Many of the exercises and techniques you’ll work with in a 1:1 session are also found in the Online Vocal Builder series. However, individual sessions provide an opportunity for truly customized correction and instruction.

Kim Wood Sandusky

Meet Kim Wood Sandusky, the music industry’s BEST vocal coach.

Kim Wood Sandusky is widely known as one of the most influential performance coaches in the global music industry, serving as vocal coach, confidante, and advocate to entertainment’s biggest names and brightest undiscovered talent. With an unwavering positive approach and gift for building distinctive vocal brands, Kim helps singers around the world hone their craft, build their skills, and make their voices heard (and noticed).

Learn more about Kim Here.

“Kim is unlike anyone I have ever met. She has the uncanny ability to pull things out of you vocally, rhythmically, and stylistically that you would have never thought possible. She has changed my life!”

Mark Schultz

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