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Boost your career with on-demand access to one of the music industry’s most sought-after vocal and performance coaches. Kim Wood Sandusky’s signature Online Vocal Builder™ vocal coaching program gives you full access to her award-winning technique for building strong, professional vocal talent.

You’ll learn to increase your range, build breathing stamina, master smooth transitions, and approach studio and stage challenges like a pro, all from the convenience of your laptop.

Most importantly, you’ll learn the secrets to sharpening what makes your voice unique.

Work at your own pace, choose your own course track, and strengthen your professional vocal talent on your schedule, from anywhere in the world. Online vocal coaching is the next best thing to working with Kim in person.

What can you expect from Online Vocal Coaching?

Work anywhere, any time.

With 24/7 online access to vocal coaching sessions, you can work with a renowned vocal coach from anywhere in the world, on your schedule.

Your voice, amplified.

Online Vocal Coaching is designed to help you amplify the qualities that make your voice stand out from the crowd.

Affordable 1:1 Session Quality.

Each Online Vocal Coaching session brings you the same insights, tools, and techniques that Kim’s in-person vocal coaching clients receive, for a fraction of the cost of 1:1 sessions.

Protect your vocal career.

Learn specialized techniques and exercises that address (and avoid) vocal medical issues that can put performing on hold.

Online Voice Coach Nashville TN

“Kim knows exactly what you need to get the results you need. Her technique has helped me tremendously. Before you realize, the high notes are floating out of your mouth with no problem, your range has increased and you have better breath control.”

Beyonce Knowles

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Vocal Coaching is made for vocalists at every level, from committed beginners to seasoned singers.

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This online vocal coaching program requires less than 30 minutes per day, 4-5 days per week. The exercises are designed to push your voice without exhausting it.

No, for good reason. Your subscription includes a new session or skill each month, with exercises that build on previous sessions in order to protect your voice and develop skills and stamina at a safe pace. Each month’s sessions are different, so you’ll always be working on something new. You can always go back and repeat/ refresh past sessions.

Access any session you’ve already completed for up to 2 years, as long as you maintain an active monthly membership.

Just drop Kim an email! When you register for Online Vocal Coaching, you’ll receive her personal contact information. Reach out any time if you get stuck or have questions.

Kim Wood Sandusky

Meet Kim Wood Sandusky, the music industry’s premier vocal coach..

Kim Wood Sandusky is widely known as one of the most influential performance coaches in the global music industry, serving as vocal coach, confidante, and advocate to entertainment’s biggest names and brightest undiscovered talent. With an unwavering positive approach and gift for building distinctive vocal brands, Kim helps singers around the world hone their craft, build their skills, and make their voices heard (and noticed).

Learn more about Kim Here.

“Kim is the first person I’ve taken professional voice lessons from, and after one lesson I could tell a difference. She is amazing and I absolutely love working with her.”

Lauren Alaina

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Boost your career with on-demand access to one of the world’s most sought-after vocal coaches.

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