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Singers vs Stardom

There are so many great singers in the world and I am questioned multiple times about why so few singers actually become huge stars. It is so true that there are many gifted singers in…

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Vocal Rest Tips for Singers: When to Rest Your Voice

There are many times that singers should rest their voice for 24-48 hours.  This means absolutely no talking.  I have worked with singers who sang for 4-5 hours several nights in a row and the…

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Good Breathing Techniques for Singers

Breathing for singing is a simple process, which makes it hard to achieve for some singers. We breathe every second of our lives.  I have been asked over and over again by singers, “Why do…

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How to Increase the Range of Your Singing Voice

  I receive emails and questions daily from singers asking me how to increase the range of their singing voice.  It is quite simple to increase the vocal range. First, you need to start with…

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Super Bowl 2016 Will Be Rocking With Beyonce

Super Bowl 2016 will be rocking with Beyonce as halftime entertainment.  She is such an incredible talent and I love working with her! Beyonce always amazes me with her talent and perseverance.  If you have…

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Eddie George on Broadway

“I’ve been coached by some of the best coaches in the history of college football and the NFL. They were demanding and focused in the nuances of the game. Kim Wood Sandusky’s style, method, and…

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Vocal Builder Series – NEW $59.99 Holiday Price!

The Holiday Season has arrived and so has the special holiday price of $59.99 for my Vocal Builder dvd/cd series! I hope you enjoy visiting my new website as you browse and check out the…

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How To Take Care of The Singer’s Voice

The reasons singers find themselves in vocal problems is they do not take care of their voices. So, how do you take care of your voice if you are a singer? A voice needs water,…

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