Kim's Services

Kim offers the following services to aid the singer in achieving the full vocal potential and vocal health needed for success.


Vocal PERFORMANCE Coaching

Singers often experience weakness in the voice due to lack of vocal power, hoarseness due to long hours of singing, vocal fatigue, nodules on the vocal cords, the need for range expansion, breathing stamina, or the need to explore new heights for the vocal talent. In Kim’s vocal performance coaching sessions, she carefully analyzes the voice to address issues for the singer’s vocal success. Kim then begins applying her “Kim Wood Sandusky Vocal Technique”TM to correct vocal issues, begin building vocal strength, breathing stamina, expansion of range, smooth and strong transitions from chest to middle to head voices and a richness of the vocal tone. She will also help achieve control and accuracy in pitch.

Kim also works with songs that singers are performing to create a more professional edge in the styling, rhythm and character of the songs. Kim believes in good vocal health by doing vocal warm-ups daily with her technique, rehearsing songs daily and staying hydrated by drinking 64 ounces of water daily. She feels a healthy voice can perform with success at any time of the day and sustain a long career.


Vocal Production

In the twists and turns of the recording industry, it is invaluable to call upon the expertise and savvy of Kim Wood Sandusky in the recording process to produce vocals for CD Projects. She has produced vocals for many signed and unsigned singers. While the primary goal of Kim’s in the recording process is to attain the best performance of the artist, she is also helping to create the unique character and style to new levels for the artist, thus keeping their career competitive and protecting the health of the rigorous usage of the voice during recording. For these reasons, her vocal production is of great value to the music industry and to the singer.


Speaking Engagements

Kim is available to speak at singers workshops, praise and worship seminars and church choir workshops. She has an uncanny way of getting across the skills for vocal success as she speaks with various groups. She works with singers in the group to demonstrate vocal technique skills with her “Kim Wood Sandusky Vocal Technique.”TM She also coaches how to execute singing a song in a particular style, rhythm and flow. Kim works with choirs on diction, pitch and singing as one voice. She works with Praise and Worship Teams in strengthening their talent and guiding them in their vocal leadership.


Artist Development

The development of talent is Kim’s forte. Whether you are a signed or unsigned singer, her early vocal coaching and consultations are important for talent lacking experience in technique to maintain consistent performances. Kim will consult with the singer to create their defined style, develop their musical ear, rhythmic skills, phrasing of lyrics and vocal diction or enhance their natural talent. Kim helps the singer keep their natural talent while her proven methods work to produce more endurance, vocal growth, a more professional sound and a competitive vocal style. She believes these are the keys to success for the developing artist.


Phone & Skype Sessions

Kim works with singers globally over the phone or via Skype if they are unable to travel to her studio. She achieves the same quality of vocal coaching as though the singer were standing in her studio. Kim will record the vocal session and email the tracks to the singer. She will work on songs with the singer to achieve a professional, competitive performance.


Tour ReheArsals

Another valuable asset to an artist is tour rehearsal evaluations. Kim can identify any vocal problem areas of the show and execute the proper solutions. Kim works hand in hand with the choreographer as well as the sound engineers to prepare the show for excellence.


Boost your career with on-demand access to one of the world’s most sought-after vocal coaches.

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