NEW! Kim Wood Sandusky Vocal Builder Series (monthly subscription)

Build Vocal Stamina, Breathing Stamina, Vocal Range, Pitch Control, and More with the Monthly Online Vocal Coaching Subscription with Kim Wood Sandusky.┬áThe new online Vocal Coaching Sessions with Kim Wood Sandusky will help you take your voice – and your career – to the next level.

Kim Wood Sandusky Vocal Builder Series monthly subscription professional voice lessions

TAP into your unique vocal potential.

2 thoughts on “NEW! Kim Wood Sandusky Vocal Builder Series (monthly subscription)”

  1. Candy says:

    Do you have resources for choirs?
    Also, do you have group rates?

    1. Hi, Candy

      Resources for choirs are in production and will be available in 2020.

      There are no group rates but check the website for the online coaching monthly subscription with me.


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